Monday, October 28, 2013

There was never 'we'.

People say if you want to do something, you should do it anyway, no matter what, because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Sometime I just wish I was a b****, so then I wouldn't care about other people's feelings. Yesterday night I was thinking about writing a long message about why we are not talking anymore, whey it happened, wy we didn't talk it out as we usually do, etc. But then I realized that I couldn't do it anymore.
I'm pretty you sure you've already forgotten me, but the thing is that I miss you. Even if I try to persuade myself the opposite. I honetsly do not understand how that happened. What did I do wrong? Everything happens for better, right? But how can this be for better? Why did I call you my best friend if you keep forgeting about me? I don't like reminding about myself and I don't wanna impose myself either. I hope I will have enough of srength to stop myself and don't message first. 

First time, I regret something what I've done and I can't even find a good reason about it. I don't know what will happen next, but this time I feel like it is the end and I'll do my best to not message you first. 
I don't wanna run after you. Done with that.
BTW I'm learning how to not judge people and stuff, so I don't wanna talk about things like these with anyone else. It's kinda killing me. 
Sometimes the truth hurts, but it's better than sweet lies.

P.S. I love massages. Even if it was a little bit embarassing in the beginning. haha

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