Sunday, November 10, 2013


Wow. I've been waiting to feel like this since all this happened. Do you know that feeling of being free and when you don't think about some random person 24/7? That's a wonderful feeling. I missed it so much.
A couple weeks ago, before falling asleep I promised myself that I would wake up a new person the next day. Not like a new personality, but I needed my feeling to start over.I mean you probably know what I mean, ha?

I finally realized what I need to focus on and what choices I should make. My inside world is finally back and I totally belong to myself. Once Hannah said to me that 'missing someone is a part of moving on'. I didn't really believe her that time, but now I know that she was right. And you know what? You should never be afraid of missing people as I was. Firstly, as Ellie said 'a person will come around and if they don't then it's not a friend you want to have. Honestly, it's my rule #1 in life.
Another thing that I wanted to say was that looked at this situation and finally saw that I asked too much. I didn't ask anyone else for so many things E-V-E-R. It's kinda funny that I haven't noticed it earlier. Whatever, though.
I can't really make it sound optimistic, BUT life is getting bette :) And hopefully I won't have that many complicated moments or at least I won't try to make everything complicated.
SO! Life is good :) Just take it easier!
All in all, best friends always stay here no matter what, right Ellie?

Feeling free is an awesome feeling!