Monday, December 16, 2013

Life is a complete joke.

So guess what? Every time when one door gets closed, there will be another one to open. If something bad happens, it just means that it isn't supposed to happen and it's not what you want to happen to you. Does it make sense to you? No? It's fine. I'm bad at explaining things. Oh really? haha.
You know, living in the moment feels so much better than living in the future. But. I can not do it all the time. It's too stressful. I start worrying too much about my future. Ugh. Life is complicated.
WHATEVER. Today I skipped school and we went to the beach tanning. JK :D To take pics, of course. Duh.
So, this is what happened.

and videos, we were crazy... Ellie, i hope you'll like 'em!!!